Monday, 8 March 2010

International Womens Day!

Today is 'International Womens Day'! I was going to post something more exciting but, being lazy i decided to do this! :)

Miss Jennifer Aniston is a great role model to all women/teens/girls, of all ages. A quote from Jen herself, which i quite admire;

"Once you figure out who you are, I kinda think it all falls into place".

Who is your female role model, and why? :)

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Hiya, & welcome to my very first post! I'm really excited about starting this new blog, and hopefully it will excite you as well! 'Hib-is-cus' is perhaps an un-usual name for a blog, it's also a flower! The meaning behind it's name is 'delicate beauty'.

So... what will i be posting for you lovely people everyday? Well i will be writing reviews on products, posts on; relationships;love;boys;true stories;real life;high street or designer;keeping fit; horoscopes;life&happiness;♥

I'm sure you all get the idea. If it sounds like this blog might be something you fancy a short read on everyday, then feel free to bookmark it and come back tomorrow for my first post!